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Or Starrs of Morning,
Dew-drops, which the Sun
on every leaf and every flouer
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Beauty is truth, truth beauty,
— that is all
Ye know on earth, and all
ye need to know.

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Energy is eternal delight.
William Blake

Impearls: HIC 5.10: Scope of religion

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Earthdate 2005-11-12

Scope of religion

Some of the present-day Karok state that they, the Shasta, and more easterly tribes excelled the Hupa in able shamans as well as powerful wizards, but that the Hupa formula for purification from a corpse was longer and more exacting.  This belief is probably significant.  The formulas are a more specialized development than belief in guardian spirits and poisons.  They should therefore be worked out more fully at the center of the area in which they prevail, the generalized practices rather in the marginal and surrounding regions.

The following religious vocabulary may be of interest:

em, supernatural power, such as a shaman possesses.

em-yav, “good shaman.”

patunukot, sucking shaman.

maharav, clairvoyance.

anav, a sacred formula.

anava-kiavan, one who knows formulas, either to cure sickness with herbs or for any other purpose.

ara-tanwa, “person die,” a pain, i.e., disease object.

apuruwan, an “Indian devil,” i.e., a person secretly possessing a magical object that produces death; also apparently the object itself.

yumara, ghost, spirit of a dead human being.

ikhareya, ancient spirit, i.e., member of the race of beings that preceded mankind.  Yurok woge, Hupa kihunai.

yash-arara, “real person,” a human being; also, a true man, one of wealth and authority, a “chief.”

kemish, any monster; also poison; also wickedly fearless.

ipshanmaskarav, poison.

pikship, “shadow,” soul.

imya, breath, life.

ikhareya-kupa, ordained by the former spirit race, sacredly established.

pikuah, myths.

ih, to dance; ih-an, dancer.

ih-uk, girl's adolescence dance.

hapish, to make the “brush” or curing dance.

wuwuhina, any great dance, either the Jumping or the Deerskin dance; wuwuhansh, those who make or provide for such a dance.

ishkaship, “leap up,” the Jumping dance.

isivsanen pikiavish, “making the world,” the “new year's” ceremonies at Katimin, Amaikiara, etc.

isivsanen pikiavan, “world maker,” the old man who recites the formula for this rite.

fata-wen-an, another name for him at Amaikiara.

sharuk-iruhishrihan, “down hill he eats salmon,” or sharuk-amavan, “down hill he leaves salmon,” the assistant in the Amaikiara ceremony.

ahup-pikiavan, “wood maker,” the woman assistant who cuts firewood; there are two at Katimin.

imushan, the male assistant at Katimin.

wen-aram, the sacred house at Amaikiara associated with the “new year's” rite.

kimachiram iship, the sacred “sweat house” of the corresponding Katimin ceremony.

isivsanen iktatik, “makes firm the world,” a sacred stone kept in this house.

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