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Earthdate 2004-05-18

Stupidity of the Argument

Even if the United States had enthusiastically, substantively supported Saddam throughout his dictatorial regime, that still doesn't obscure the extraordinary stupidity of the entire line of argument which says that any subsequent change of policy is therefore both hypocritical (horror of horrors!) and, even more questionably, wrong!  Since the left seems too close to the issue to consider it rationally, let's use another example:  Suppose George W. Bush decided one fine day to adopt some policy that the left really likes — say, government guaranteed full employment for everyone.  Now I'm sure that wouldn't change the left's hatred of Bush, and everybody would try to obtain political advantage out of the controversy — but is anyone on that side seriously going to say, “No, we can't do it.  That would be a change of policy, and therefore hypocritical!”  Not likely.  No, the left only finds policy changes objectionable and therefore “hypocritical” when the new policy is one they don't like.

Or, look at World War II.  The western Europeans had been “supporting” Hitler for years, by allowing him to roam through Europe picking up pieces as he went — the Rhineland, Austria, the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia.  You remember:  “Peace in our time!”  But when Hitler actually invaded Poland (to whom Britain and France were allied), they declared war on him.  How very hypocritical of them!

Stalin's Soviet Union may provide an even more illuminating example for leftists.  Stalin collaborated with Hitler by making a friendship pact with him and helped out by taking responsibility for divvying up half of Poland (grabbing the Baltic states and a big chunk of Finland while he was at it).  Stalin naively trusted Hitler to such an extent that he ignored his own army's intelligence warnings that Hitler was preparing to attack him — and, as a result, the USSR's loses were phenomenal when Hitler launched the assault.  Nevertheless, despite the modern left's no doubt considering the change of policy “hypocritical,” the Soviets — or rather the peoples of that vast “prison of nations” known as the Soviet Union — fought back and repelled the German invader.  Thus, we see the left's whole line of argument here is basically absurd!

And for those who ask, “When did they (Saddam or Iraq) attack us?” — the answer is March 17, 1987 (Earthdate 1987-03-17), when one of Saddam's Iraqi (French made) Mirage jet fighters put two (French made) Exocet missiles into the U.S. destroyer the USS Stark in the Persian Gulf, killing 35 American sailors along with two lost at sea.

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