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Earthdate 2004-05-18

The Crowning Irony

There is one final, grand irony about the left's incessant charges of American perfidy during the cold war.  Many of the cases most cited — and which really may have had CIA involvement, e.g., overthrow of Mosaddeq in Iran in 1953, or Arbenz in 1954 in Guatemala — occurred fifty years ago.  Simultaneous to this artificially generated hubbub over long-ago historic events, the leadership of the so-called “anti-war” movement — i.e., the leadership of ANSWER (the misnamed “Act Now to Stop War and End Racism”) and similar groups — are socialists: the very same leaders who are also the top cadres of, for example, the Workers World Party in the case of ANSWER, the Socialist Workers Party in the case of “anti-war” organizations in Britain.

These charges have been made not by right-wing zealots but by leftist observers themselves; see this fascinating expose, for example, by David Corn (Washington editor for the leftwing The Nation magazine), called “Behind the Placards: The odd and troubling origins of today's anti-war movement,” which clearly shows how the leadership of the WWP and ANSWER are largely one and the same.  Similar connections have been documented in Britain -- for example, this piece in the British paper The Guardian — where Jimmy Barnes, “veteran leftwing secretary of the trade union CND [Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament] movement,” reveals the links between the leadership of the British Socialist Workers Party and organizations like the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Stop the War coalition.

David Corn, in the above expose, writes about the Workers World Party:

The party advocates socialist revolution and abolishing private property.  It is a fan of Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba, and it hails North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il for preserving his country's “socialist system,” which, according to the party's newspaper, has kept North Korea “from falling under the sway of the transnational banks and corporations that dictate to most of the world.”  The WWP has campaigned against the war-crimes trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.  A recent Workers World editorial declared [written before Saddam's deposition], “Iraq has done absolutely nothing wrong.”

“Anti-war” activists attending ANSWER et al.-sponsored events (even if they profess not to support the full socialist agenda of these radical Stalinist organizations) typically express no concern over the leadership of ANSWER and its allies.  The ANSWER folks are “great organizers” — they get the buses and banners to those occasions — who cares what their politics is!  The cause is what's important!

Come again?  Stalin is generally (by other than far leftists) acknowledged to have murdered tens of millions of people during the last century — everybody from millions of massacred, slightly well-off peasants; thousands shot in the head in his insane purges; who knows how many more (hundreds of thousands?) who died in the Siberian gulags — not to speak of the literally billions whom he and subsequent Soviet leaders threatened for decades with nuclear annihilation.  Most non far-leftist people would consider Stalin (and pretty much the whole coterie of Bolsheviks) pretty much on the same level as Hitler — two peas in a pod.  Let me ask you: if someone were to tell you he was going off to attend a Nazi-sponsored event — however laudable its expressed goal — would you think there's no moral taint to the occasion?

But the crowning irony is this: the mass of “anti-war activists” at these demonstrations revel in excoriating the United States, pointedly critiquing it for (rather understandable, I'd say, given the extreme peak of struggle during the cold war, but irregardless decades-old) covert interference in the internal affairs of unfriendly regimes, and support given to various authoritarian but “anti-communist” dictators — most of which occurred decades before the majority of the demonstrators were born.  Meanwhile, the demonstrators' leadership (ANSWER et al.) simultaneously supports and is helping in every way they can the very worst dictators and tin-pot Islamist Caliphate-builders around the world, today not decades ago — the worst starvers, enslavers, and torturers — and at the very time when America is finally trying to get out of the dictators propping-up game!

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