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Earthdate 2004-05-18

The Unmentionable Elephant

One other thing, an unmentionable elephant, must be discussed.  The left constantly attacks America via these old allegations of CIA involvement in virtually every disturbance round the world during those years, and certainly, while the CIA was involved in some such, it's always presented as if the U.S. were merely arrogantly, insanely meddling for meddling's sake, beating up on these poor, innocent locals who are only the victims.  The above bit of Iraqi history ought to make plain that many folk involved in this and other disturbances in countries round the world during this time were far from innocents themselves.

But way beyond that, there's a big beast lurking in the room that nobody (on the left anyway) ever mentions in this context: a little detail known as the Cold War.  For many decades, most of the latter half of the 20th century, an actual war — sometimes hot, sometimes waged by surrogates, sometimes cold — took place between two divergent world systems, with profound implications for human rights and happiness.  Now the far left, of course (allowing for schismatics), has typically considered the Soviet Union to be their baby (British Labour MP George Galloway, for instance, called the collapse of the USSR the worst day of his life).  The leftist "party line" has almost always followed the propaganda of the Soviets in promoting its “victim” status in the cold war, while excoriating the role of America.  (And no, don't tell me about all the objections schismatic groups like the SWP have had to Stalin; they still support his “resistance” to America.)

Calling the cold war America's fault, as the left likes to, is revisionist history, to say the least.  Even though mistakes certainly were made in America's conduct of the cold war (as indeed mistakes are made are in abundance in all wars), personally I'm quite happy that the Soviet Union fell, and the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons on both sides, fingers hanging over buttons, were relaxed from that terrifying standoff.  Clearly “better Red than dead” wasn't the only viable game in town.

Leaving the cold war totally out of the equation, as the left attempts to — while savagely attacking America's role (even though it only be an alleged role in many incidents freely utilized for this purpose, such as the Iraqi case we've been discussing) — amounts basically to lying, to use one of the left's favorite terms these days, about what actually occurred.  Nor is it “McCarthyist” to point out this truth.

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