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Earthdate 2003-06-27

Lindsay, Thomas Martin, 1843–1914

I did a little checking and was able to determine that the effects of the Reverend T. M. Lindsay's life (author of the powerful essay “The Triumph of Christianity” republished recently in Impearls) have not completely dropped off the world's cultural radar screen over the past century.  The Rev. T. M. Lindsay is Thomas Martin Lindsay, who lived from 1843 to 1914, passing on a few years after his remarkable essay appeared, in 1911, in the original Cambridge Medieval History.

A number of Lindsay's books are still in circulation.  Searching the University of California's Melvyl database, card catalog to all the U.C. system libraries, one finds the following works available:

A history of the reformation (in 2 volumes, L/C call no. BR305 .L5 1913)

Luther and the German Reformation (BR325 .L5)

The church and the ministry in the early centuries (BR155 .L5)

College addresses and sermons / preached on various occasions / by the late Thomas Martin Lindsay (BV4310 .L5)

Letters of Principal T. M. Lindsay to Janet Ross (BX9225.L5 A2)

Of the foregoing, Lindsay's The church and the ministry in the early centuries would seem closest in subject matter to his “The Triumph of Christianity,” and might contain expanded material compared with the latter (with regard to the former, moreover, see below).  His Letters of Principal T. M. Lindsay to Janet Ross (including correspondence from 1906 to 1914) would seem likely an interesting look at him, his correspondent and the times.  (Janet [Ann Duff-Gordon] Ross, 1842-1927, was a literary figure of the day, a close contemporary of Lindsay's and, to hazard a guess, a lifelong friend.)

Beyond those directly authored works, Reverend Lindsay produced annotated versions of:

The gospel according to St. Mark / with introduction, notes and maps (microform; Mfiche cab ATLA 1987-2017)

The gospel according to St. Luke / with introduction, notes and maps (microform; Mfiche cab ATLA 1985-2138)

The Acts of the Apostles / with introduction, notes and maps (microform; Mfiche cab ATLA 1987-1131)

Lindsay also did the “chronological arrangement” for:

The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ / arranged in the order in which its parts came to those in the first century who believed in our Lord (BS2085 1906 .L6).

Finally, Lindsay translated and annotated the following:

System der Logik und Geschichte der logischen Lehren by Friedrich Ueberweg; translated from the German, with notes and appendices, by Thomas M. Lindsay as:  System of logic and history of logical doctrines (microform; BC15 .U4).

All of the above (as they're in the Melvyl catalog) are available at University of California libraries, and certainly elsewhere as well, either directly or via interlibrary loan.  Beyond that, a search of the world's best used bookstore (the collection of many of the planet's bookstores, the Advanced Book Exchange, or ABE books) shows that many of the above are available for purchase there (as is the Cambridge Medieval History, for Lindsay's “The Triumph of Christianity” along with much else, for that matter).

Furthermore, Google reveals a site called the Christian Classics Ethereal Library (maintained by Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan) containing Lindsay's book The Church and the Ministry in the Early Centuries in an online, PDF format.  (CCEL shows a different L/C call number for that book, i.e. BV648, than the U.C. system's Melvyl catalog does, for some reason.)  I haven't had a chance to peruse the online version as yet, but I imagine it's worth checking out.

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