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Ye know on earth, and all
ye need to know.

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Earthdate 2003-06-17

Welcome visitors from One Hand Clapping, and Beyond!

Thanks to Donald Sensing from One Hand Clapping for the link, and welcome to visitors from his site!

Just a couple of comments and a minor clarification to Rev. Sensing's posting.  The essay “The Triumph of Christianity” by the Rev. T. M. Lindsay, which after nearly a century is now being republished online in Impearls, is not represented merely by “a series of summary posts” as Sensing incorrectly infers, but is exhibited in its entirety.  Impearls' Contents page for its edition of Lindsay's essay (which as originally published consisted of one chapter of a larger volume by various authors) indicates the sections within Lindsay's chapter — as shown within the original volume's table of contents, in combination with marginal headers at the top of each page of the text.

Also, Clayton Cramer wrote in, wondering where's the bibliography?  Any self-respecting history ought to have footnotes, or at least a bibliography!  He's right, and I'd overlooked inputting the bibliography for Lindsay's essay from the original source.  I've now gone ahead and typed that in (at least the chapter specific bibliography, if not the general one for the volume as a whole), and it should soon appear in Impearls.

UPDATE: 2003-06-20 08:00 UT:  I've fixed a handful of typos.  My apologies for presuming yet again that I'm too careful in typing and initial proofreading to allow any mistakes.  (My father had a saying, whenever as a child I would pop up with something like “I thought I'd done it right!” after not having done so.  “You know what ‘Thought’ did?” he would ask, and immediately answer himself:  “‘Thought’ messed his pants and thought he didn't!”)  I might add that the Bibliography to Lindsay's essay is almost ready for posting.  Here too I've used so much care in entering the information that there simply can't be any errors... I wish!

Meanwhile, Glenn Reynolds the Instapundit has linked to Sensing's One Hand Clapping with the pithy note:  “DONALD SENSING has a bunch of good stuff. Just keep scrolling.”  Now, I like to think that one of the things Glenn had in mind here was Lindsay's essay in Impearls (despite its title “The Triumph of Christianity,” Glenn being of the Judaic persuasion!), and no doubt some of the traffic I've seen coming in through One Hand Clapping arrived there via Instapundit's tip.  Thanks, Glenn.

Certainly, that's what happened to Eric Scheie, proprietor of the recently-established blog Classical Values.  Scheie had followed Instapundit's link to One Hand Clapping thence to Lindsay's essay here in Impearls — and was so thrilled thereby that he wrote:

That master of understatement, Glenn Reynolds, outdid himself here.

I stumbled — deeply — upon the best discussion of Classical Values [link to Impearls] of any blog, anywhere, at Donald Sensing's great blog.

“A bunch of good stuff,” said the Instapundit.


(Hey, am I allowed to say “Indeed” when I'm this happy about something?  Really, this gem of a post positively drips with scholastic brilliance, and it is so delightful to read that it really doesn't matter whether you agree entirely with the central thesis.  That's as things should be.)

It's thrilling in turn that Eric was so pleased, and while I'd like to claim some of the “positively drips with scholastic brilliance” credit he bestows, I know he's directing his acclamation at the author of this (one must agree) brilliant essay, the Reverend T. M. Lindsay (a man no doubt long dead, whom one wishes one knew more about) himself — a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly concur.  It's just great others are finally getting to experience a similar joy at psychically consuming such a fascinating, enthralling “gem” of a work (as Eric well described it).  And I must agree 100% with Scheie in his accolade — it is “so delightful to read that it really doesn't matter whether you agree entirely with the central thesis.”  I'd add that in my view that's one of the most delightful things about it.

A couple of other acknowledgments.  An Anglican site CANN Anglican News has linked to Lindsay's essay in Impearls, with the quip:  “SOME BLOG-THOUGHTS on The Triumph of Christianity; link via One Hand Clapping (wouldn't that be just one hand waving sideways?)....” 

And finally, a writer who calls himself “decimon,” on the Liberty Net forum, also introduced a link to the essay, adding:  “I'm struck by the clarity of writing from that era.”  I agree; not only that, I'm awed by the author's masterful exhibition of proper use of the semicolon in all its old time, full magnificence!

UPDATE: 2003-06-20 20:30 UT:  I finally broke down and ran a spell-checker over Lindsay's essay — only to find (and fix) another set of typos.  I know, I know:  “Get with the 21st century, McNeil!”

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